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“The management training is of extremely high quality and benefits the whole company. Networking with leaders from different fields, training trips and company visits are some of the most valuable things you will get from this training,” Soini and Ristiluoma say.

Become a better boss

Levón Institute’s renowned JOKA education develops managerial skills

Levón Institute, an affiliated institution at the University of Vaasa, offers management training that is renowned nationwide. One satisfied participant of the JOKA programme is Vaasa-based Susanna Ristiluoma, the co-owner and Managing Director of Fondis, purveyor of restaurant and night club services. During her training, she planned and implemented a concrete organisational change for her company and a merit pay system for its 50 staff members. 

“I still make good use of what I learned during the training, although it was a couple of years ago. I also meet regularly with the rest of the participants in my group. The contacts and peer support were some of the most important things the training offered,” says Ristiluoma.

Levón Institute’s JOKA programme has given managers and experts the chance to grow as leaders for 30 years now. JOKA is part of the Entrepreneurial MBA continuing-education programme for managers. This management training was one of the most sought-after programmes in Finland in 2012, and Training Manager Sari Soini says that every year it attracts participants working in all kinds of fields all over the country and especially in Western Finland.

“So far, we have trained more than 600 executives or experts from companies of various sizes and also from the public sector,” she says.

The JOKA programme provides the latest information about managing companies and public organisations in ever changing operating environments. It supports the participant’s ability to grow in their managerial duties as a future leader.

“We go through issues concerning HR management, such as knowledge of human nature and interpersonal skills. We also aim to improve the tools of management, such as strategy, communication skills and financial management,” Soini explains.

When a company invests in JOKA training for its employees, it also receives concrete benefits for its business: during the training, all the companies involved will experience improvements and all the participants will work intensively with the support of their company, the other participants, the whole network and the Levón Institute’s expertise to find solutions for the companies’ different needs.

“The participants can reform their company’s strategy, develop a marketing strategy or specify the management team’s goals and the steps to achieve them. Companies benefit a great deal from our training,” Soini says confidently.

In addition to offering continuing education and training, the Levón Institute studies and productises research-based information according to its customers’ individual needs.



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