Fluid-Bag has two products, Flexi and Multi. They are used in transport and for storing for example coatings, adhesives and sealants, as well as liquid products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Airtight protection for liquids

Fluid-Bag’s flexible containers keep sensitive products safe to the last drop

The idea of Fluid-Bag is simple but brilliant. The product is a flexible bag used in transporting that it is easy to fill, empty and recycle. The benefits of using the Fluid-Bag are many when compared to transporting liquid materials in a container. One benefit is that there is a lot less waste product.

Toyota Manufacturing in the UK is one of the companies that has realised this and they now use Fluid-Bag in their factory. Product waste has been reduced to less than a third compared to before.

“Since 2007 four fully-automated discharge units from Fluid-Bag have been supplying liquid sound damping material to the Toyota vehicle manufacturing lines. The materials are delivered in Fluid-Bag Multi containers. It only takes ten minutes to change the bag and one person is able to do that alone. Previously Toyota had to spend much more time on changing and cleaning the containers,” says Filip Lund, Business Manager for the business segment Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings.

With Fluid-Bag the customer doesn’t save just money, but also invests in the environment.

“Fluid-Bag works as a closed system which keeps the material safe and clean to the last drop. This saves both money and the environment,” say Jan Backman and Filip Lund.

“Fluid-Bag works as a closed system which keeps the material safe and clean to the last drop. This saves both money and the environment,” say Jan Backman and Filip Lund.

“Reusing and cleaning out a traditional container requires detergents and thousands of litres of water, which pollutes the environment and costs money. Returning the container costs a lot too as the container is usually returned empty. With Fluid-Bag only the stackable pallets are returned while the inner containers are only used once,” explains Jan Backman, Managing Director.

Fluid-Bag also prevents loss of content as the bag can be squeezed out and emptied to the last drop. One of the companies benefitting from this is Henkel, the owner of the Loctite brand, which has delivered Loctite adhesives to its customers in Fluid-Bags already for 15 years.

“The industries that use sensitive adhesives in their production, as for example wood laminating companies do, often struggle with the problem of how to stop air from trickling into the container. Fluid-Bag solves this problem. The contents come out without any air or particles getting in.”

Today approximately 10 per cent of Fluid-Bag’s exports go to the Americas. Further development looks promising.

“We have established a sales office in the US and have high expectations for the local presence. All the different market sectors are wide open and our potential for example in the automobile industry is huge. At the moment liquid sound dampening products are widely used in the American automobile industry, so our challenge is to make that industry understand the benefits of using Fluid-Bags over traditional steel containers.” 



Business sector: Flexible industry container systems including both filling and discharging equipment

Turnover: €10.5 million

Employees: 58

Export: 96%

Major markets: Europe and North America

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