At the core of Prohoc’s business is exporting top Finnish engineering know-how all over the world.

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Prohoc is a flexible project partner for large companies and an enabler for small ones

“Our activities are directed only by our desire to provide real benefits for our customers,” says Prohoc’s CEO Matti Manner. Prohoc provides its customers with project management, consulting and documentation services. Over the last few years, Prohoc’s sales of services have boomed. This is mostly thanks to its EPCM services, which offer technology companies comprehensive project management, carrying out the whole project or part of it on behalf of the customer, as required. Prohoc has a pool of project resources with 400 top experts and it directs these resources to the various projects, as needed. The pool includes project engineers from supervisors upwards, project and site management being the keystone.

“We are a technology-independent project partner. In other words, we are involved in projects in many different industrial fields. There is always a demand for a flexible and speedy project operator,” Manner has observed.

Prohoc assists and promotes the activities of both large and small technology companies in different ways. For its larger customers, such as Wärtsilä, the company provides flexibility when demand is growing or falling. It is faster to respond to such changes with Prohoc’s services than through recruitment. According to Manner, business has changed in such a way that end customers usually demand turnkey project deliveries. That is why this skilful project partner is in great demand today, also with small and medium-sized companies that have competitive technology but no funding, project know-how or resources of their own.

“We provide the service the customer needs at the phase of the project where they need it. Our service is tailored according to what is best for our customer,” says Matti Manner.

“We provide the service the customer needs at the phase of the project where they need it. Our service is tailored according to what is best for our customer,” says Matti Manner.

“If the end customer is looking to buy more than just the product, it takes small companies out of the competition. With Prohoc’s services, they too can now sell their technology to a large buyer. In such cases, we run the project and they act as the supplier of the components,” Manner explains.

Prohoc’s main target is to be an incomparable service provider. Manner believes that the way to achieve this is to make sure that the customer’s interests are always the deciding factor behind any solution. Prohoc has discovered that the most important component for success in any project is the management of information. That is why the company always capitalises on modern tools for information sharing and has documentation services as one of its key services.

“Our services are always tailored to the customer’s needs. We do everything in our power to make sure that their user experience is exceptional. It’s a bit like using ancient software at first and then getting your hands on the latest version. You get the wow factor. That’s what Prohoc wants to bring to the traditional engineering world,” Manner concludes.


Business sector: Project management, multi-discipline engineering and consulting, documentation services for the project business

Turnover 2015: €13 million

Export: Indirectly 90 %

Employees: 150

Certificates: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001

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