Leinolat Group
“Our competitive advantage lies in the high quality of our solutions and our innovative product development, performed in collaboration with the customer,” Lars-Erik Schöring explains.

A team as tough as steel

Leinolat Group invests in continuous improvement and growth in the metal sector

The Leinolat Group offers strong know-how in the metal industry. It has three main areas of business and six subsidiaries. The companies in the Leinolat Group are known worldwide as component and module suppliers to Wärtsilä engine factories (Uwira, Kilkanen) and providers of insulation systems and HVAC solutions for power plants, offshore rigs and marine vessels (Leimec, Adiabatix). The third and the strongest gearwheel in the Group’s machinery today is T-Drill, the global provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. This all means that the Leinolat Group can offer its customers extensive solutions with a one-stop approach. 
“We invest in continuous improvement and growth. We deliver extensive and technically challenging projects from start to finish. Uwira, for example, had the honour of building the fuel piping system in a methanol conversion of a medium speed diesel engine on the first methanol operated ferry in the world,” says the Group’s CEO Lars-Erik Schöring. Over the years, Adiabatix has delivered innovative and high performance insulation solutions to Nordic nuclear power plants and for more than 100 marine vessels.

The Leinolat Group usually develops and designs new products in close cooperation with its customers. One example of this is the air handling product, Jet Pulse filter, innovated by Leimec for power plants. Its optimised technology will reduce customers’ maintenance costs considerably.
“When working on the Jet Pulse filter, Leimec capitalised on T-Drill’s product development know-how. When we are working on a product with a customer, we always have the whole Group’s internal resources available,” Schöring says.

T-Drill’s top-grade product development has earned the company its place as a global market leader. The automotive industry is just one of the fields that benefits from the quality of its tube and pipe fabrication. LVI-Leinolat, which uses the latest technology in HVAC solutions in the construction industry, is also tapping into new areas of expertise and development.

T-Drill is a subsidiary of the Leinolat Group and a market leader in manufacturing pipe fabrication machines.

T-Drill is a subsidiary of the Leinolat Group and a market leader in manufacturing pipe fabrication machines.

Operating in the international markets is a way of life and the key to growth for the Leinolat Group.

“When we go out into the world, our target is more than just to sell our products. Sometimes we also settle down where the customers are based,” Schöring explains. Kilkanen, for example, has, together with an Indian company, established a factory in India.
“In this particular case, our partner from India came to Finland looking for quality and expertise and found what they were looking for in Kilkanen,” Schöring says. Another good example of successful foreign establishment is T-Drill Inc., which operates in Atlanta to cover the US, the main market of the T-Drill tube and pipe fabrication solutions.    



Turnover 2015: €30 million

Employees: 240

Main markets: Worldwide

Export: 85%

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