Jehu is a military vessel used by the Finnish Defence Forces. The jet propulsion system delivered by Rolls Royce in Kokkola allows the boats to be utilised for different tasks, such as patrolling, escort missions or in combat and support operations.

Superior performance

Rolls-Royce Kokkola specialises in jet propulsion systems for high-speed boats

The Rolls-Royce site in Kokkola is experiencing positive change; investments are being made and the factory is being upgraded. A brand new factory will be ready in 2017.

“We will gain greater capacity and the ability to produce even bigger water jet units. It also means we will focus more on developing the cooperation with our subcontractors,” Tomas Renlund, Site Director of Rolls-Royce Kokkola explains.

Rolls-Royce is investing to further develop cutting-edge competence in aluminium welding and assembly at the factory in Kokkola.

“Rolls-Royce Kokkola is the Centre of Excellence for waterjets. Our focus is on producing the best performing waterjets and providing highly responsive support to our customers.”

As the capacity increases, the factory will be able to deliver waterjet propulsion systems for all types of vessels.

“What makes our waterjet propulsion systems unique is that they have fantastic steering features and high reliability. By utilising the unique steering you have excellent vessel maneuverability. This allows you to operate in shallow waters, without risking damage to the propulsion system. This is very important for many of our customers.”

”We provide our customers a global and responsive service network supported by the product centre,” Tomas Renlund says.
”We provide our customers a global and responsive service network supported by the product centre,” Tomas Renlund says.

Rolls-Royce’s customers are found everywhere in the world. The company delivers propulsion systems to patrol and rescue vessels, luxury yachts, passenger vessels and offshore operations, to mention a few.

“We also invest in our service network. It will now further develop as we have increased our cooperation with the diesel engine company MTU, who belongs to the same group as us.”

Governmental institutions constitute another important customer base. 30 years ago, Rolls-Royce Kokkola delivered their first water jet system to the Finnish Navy, a cooperation that continues to this day.

“We have actually bought back the first boat using our propulsion system, that was delivered to the Navy. The boat is U-207 from the Meriuisko-series and it will be restored to its original condition. We believe it will run smoothly with 30 years old water jet systems by the summer of 2016.”


Business sector: Marine propulsion, waterjets

Turnover: €614 million (Rolls-Royce Oy Ab 2014)

Employees: 80 (Kokkola unit)

Export: 99%

Major markets: Global

Parent company: Rolls-Royce Plc.

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