Mapromec and Maprotec
Mapromec is an important supplier of piston pins globally.

Stronger together

Mapromec and Maprotec cooperate closely both with each other and with customers

Sister companies Mapromec and Maprotec are in the fortunate position that their biggest customer segment, the energy industry, is close at hand.

“It’s a great advantage to have large energy industry customers in our area,” says Mapromec’s Managing Director, Kim Backman.

Mapromec makes parts for manufacturers of diesel engines and electrical motors, with its main product being piston pins for large diesel engines. Maprotec, on the other hand, is specialised in CNC machining and assembly of parts made of castings, bars and welded constructions. In both companies, the technical requirements are precise and the significance of the materials used is enormous.

Kim Backman and Kaj-Erik Loo say that developing automation is one way to increase growth.
Kaj-Erik Loo and Kim Backman say that developing automation is one way to increase growth.

“Previously we merely sold products, but nowadays we sell our service and expertise above all,” say Backman and Maprotec’s Managing Director Kaj-Erik Loo, explaining the key change in this industrial sector.

The companies strive to deliver added value through close cooperation with their customers.

“The products are manufactured according to customers’ needs. We don’t make the same product for everyone, so close cooperation is essential,” adds Backman.

The companies also benefit greatly from mutual cooperation. For example, they try to work together in acquiring new customers. Often a customer of one company realises that it also needs the assistance of the other.

“Of course, it also makes the customer’s life easier, if as many things as possible are handled through one channel,” says Backman.

The sister companies are growth-oriented. In addition to the energy industry, they aim to increase further their share of other customer segments, such as mining and transportation. 

Loo says that he has noticed that customers’ requirements have become more exacting and that they want deliveries made to an increasingly tighter schedule. Both companies therefore focus on fulfilling the requirements of their customers. Solutions to increased demands and the desire for growth are sought from automation and excellent personnel. Loo and Backman are unanimous in praise of their employees.

“We have a very loyal and professional workforce, as well as a low staff turnover. Our employees join us, stay with us and retire from us.”

Maprotec invests in automation.


Business sector: Metal industry – parts for diesel engines and electrical motors

Turnovers 2015: €15 million

Employees 2015: 65

Major markets: Finland, Europe and Asia


Business sector: Metal industry – parts for diesel engines and electrical motors

Turnover 2015: €7.5 million

Employees 2015: 35

Major markets: Finland, Europe and Asia

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