JTK Power
"Our main office and workshop are located in Vöyri, Finland, but we also have a factory in Wujiang, China,” says Timo Viitala.

Silence is golden

JTK Power reduces noise pollution in ship engine rooms and power plants

A couple of decades ago noise was not perceived as environmental pollution. Today, however, silence is valued much more highly – also in factories and machinery. JTK Power designs and manufactures silencers for engines and the energy and process industries. The company’s extensive expertise is particularly utilised in ships and power plants. Without professional silencer technology, the noise level is deafening when engines are roaring at full blast.

“Our high-quality solutions reduce the noise from the sound source considerably. After our silencing technology has been installed, a 130 decibel engine’s sound will be brought down by 45 decibels,” says the company’s Managing Director Timo Viitala.

Obviously, the laws of physics apply to the art of silencing, and the main methods were developed more than a century ago. But JTK Power has been able to push the envelope of these methods by refining and developing its products. Because the company is known for its high quality, it has a standard to maintain and has therefore developed its silencers to withstand extremely demanding conditions. For this reason, the main material used is always steel in its different forms.

“Our silencers are designed to be used at high temperatures and can also be used for gas engines. In power plants, they also have to endure various weather conditions from tropical heat to -50 degrees Celsius in Siberia,” Viitala explains.

JTK Power’s range of silencers have been standardised to a large extent according to specific engine models. The company also provides silencers for chimney and flue gas structures. As power categories grow or exhaust gas flows change, this creates a need for different types of silencer technologies.

The company’s strong know-how of steel also brings it orders for catalytic converter frames and for exhaust modules for the shipbuilding industry and oil-drilling rigs. JTK Power is also a machining subcontractor.

“We have the best possible material and machining expertise. We manufacture, for example, critical engine components that require great dimensional accuracy and quality control.” 



Business sector: silencer technology, steel structures, shelter doors

Turnover 2015: €22 million

Employees: 94 (Vöyri and Wujiang units together)

Export: over 90 % (indirect)

Major markets: Global

Mother Company: Koncentra Verkstads Group

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