“Our web-based products Iot-Ticket and Summium are widely used in the energy industry as well as in the process industry,” says Pasi Tuominen.

Making industry go online

For Wapice, the Internet of Things is no news

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is one of the hottest trends in industry today. In practice it means that not only humans are connected to the net, but machines as well. Thus machines are also able to communicate with one another.

For Wapice, who offers software development for the industrial sector, IoT is anything but new. The company launched its IoT-Ticket product (previously called WRM) already in 2005.

“The product is a sort of entry ticket to the IoT-world. The customer can use it without writing a single line of code. Recently we launched the sixth edition of the product,” CEO Pasi Tuominen explains.

However, Tuominen is slightly sceptical of the hype surrounding the IoT. The change we are experiencing is real enough, but it will take a longer time on the industry side than on the consumer side.

“Due to the hype, customers have very high expectations on the IoT, although this is not a quick fix within the industry. The products that our solutions are a part of may have a lifespan of several decades.”

As a subcontractor for industry, Wapice has developed software products that suit industrial needs particularly well. The products are used in areas such as product development, production, sales and after sales. Usability is one of the main benefits with all of Wapice’s products.

Today any given piece of industry machinery contains at least a million lines of code and that number is set to increase. The rapid development in the IT field is one of the arguments Wapice uses to win business.

“As the world grows more complicated, it makes sense to focus on your core business. The customers can trust us to stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in IT on their behalf.”

Tuominen predicts that the pace of change will increase further as the young generation, the so called digital natives, enter the workforce.

“For us that means we have to develop even better user interfaces. Young people expect nothing but PlayStation standard at work as well.”



Business sector: Embedded systems, industrial systems, business solutions

Turnover: €19.5 million

Employees: 300

Major markets: Domestic and Europe

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