“Most of our customer relations stretch back over a long period of time,” says Jan Österberg (in the middle). To the left Rolf Österberg, Chairman of the board, and to the right Esko Pensas, Technical Director.

Experts in plastic

Österberg stands for continuous development and decades of expertise

‘Experts in the plastics industry’ is how the third generation of leaders at family-owned Österberg Ltd. call themselves; and with good reason. Österberg’s expertise at utilising the latest production methods and technology, combined with over 60 years of experience, has made the company a reliable partner for export companies in the Vaasa region.

With their knowledge on the latest advancements regarding both the manufacturing processes and production machinery, the personnel at Österberg successfully manage product development and the production of plastic components.

Österberg specialises in the injection molding of technically-advanced components from different thermoplastics and thermosets (BMC).

“We have a machinery consisting of more than 40 injection molding machines,” states CEO Jan Österberg.

The injection molding machines in use have a clamping force of 30-1250 tonnes, resulting in the ability to manufacture thermoplastic and thermoset products with a weight of 1 – 4,000 g. According to Jan Österberg, continuous updates are done to ensure high productivity and superior quality.

“Increased automation is a part of our strategy,” he underlines.

In 2016 the company will introduce a new 650-tonnes injection-molding machine, thereby increasing the capacity of the machinery and ensuring cost efficiency alongside quality.

Österberg takes pride in the resilient long-lasting customer relationships that the company has established with Finnish export companies. Today, the company has become an important link in the industry of the region. By having the ability to adapt to changing markets, the company successfully manages to retain good relations to its partners.

“Our strengths are high efficiency, flexibility and short lead times. Most of our customer relations stretch over a long period of time, and for us this is a sure sign of excellent co-operation,” Jan Österberg says.

Today the majority of the production is exported, either directly or indirectly. In the future, Österberg’s aim is for the company to grow in close collaboration with its partners.





Group of companies

Business sector: Metal industry, plastics industry

Turnover 2015: €25 million

Employees: 150

Major markets: Domestic, Europe, North America, Russia


Österberg Plastic www.osterberg.fi

Wel-Mach www.wel-mach.fi

Manor www.manor.fi

Petsmo Products www.petsmoproducts.fi

KGN Tool www.kgntool.fi

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