SK Tuote
“Our family business takes a longer-term approach to its operations instead of living just one quarter at a time ,” say son and father Saikkonen and Jonas Lindeman.

Come rain or shine

SK Tuote roofing accessories have been tested for decades in the harsh Finnish climate

SK Tuote develops and manufactures VILPE special roofing accessories and fasteners for roofs. Its products extend the life of the house’s structure and ensure fresh indoor air. Leader of the Finnish market, SK Tuote has restructured its operations to be closer also to its export customers. To facilitate this, four associated companies abroad are about to become subsidiaries of SK Tuote. These changes will not only harmonise the company’s internal processes, but also improve customer service considerably.

“Our export customers have wanted to be closer to our core operations. Now they can be directly in touch with design and manufacture. This large change within our group will make us stronger and will especially support our internationalisation,” says Eero Saikkonen, CEO of SK Tuote.

So what is it that makes VILPE products so excellent also for European roofs? Sales Manager Jonas Lindeman doesn’t hesitate to answer: quality, durability and quick installation. Traditionally, all outlets on Swedish and European roofs are made by sheetmetal workers. VILPE products, however, make installation many times faster with seams that will last for decades, whatever the weather.

“Because our products are designed for the challenging climate of Finland, they will last several decades even in extreme conditions. We give a colour guarantee of 10 years, which is one of the longest in the market. Our products also have a 20 year technical warranty,” Lindeman says.

The fact that the material of the products withstands ultra-violet radiation better than anyone else’s is due to the company’s long and innovative development work.

“We test and develop our products continuously. One of our most important innovations is our recipe for the plastic mix, which, of course, is top secret just like Coca Cola’s,” says Tuomas Saikkonen, Export Manager for Western Europe.

Ever increasing internationalisation will be SK Tuote’s number one priority in the future. Its export ratio is currently 45%, but its future main market will be abroad. The plan is to make its operations in its current target areas more effective, while at the same time increasing its market share in Sweden and especially Western Europe. These plans for growth in exports are supported by the standardisation of the EU building legislation. It will require high-quality roof products throughout Europe.

“We are heading for new markets with our customers’ needs in mind and our sights aimed outwards. Thanks to our exceptionally excellent product development, we will be able to adapt fully to the needs of our target countries. Our newest launch, for example, is the outlet for a modular block chimney, for which there is great demand throughout Europe,” Tuomas Saikkonen explains.


Business sector: Roofing accessories

Turnover 2015: €17.5 million

Employees: 120

Export: 45%

Major markets: Russia, Europe

Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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