The brothers Tim and Ted Wallin lead the growing and award-winning IT company Gambit, which helps companies work more efficiently.

Can an app boost your business?

Gambit’s mobile and web solutions give added value

When Gambit started operations in 2011 the founders had a clear vision: to make mobile applications for businesses.

“Apps had recently become a big hit in the gaming industry, but few companies utilised the technology back then. We were amongst the first in Finland to make mobile app solutions for companies,” CEO and co-founder Tim Wallin recalls.

In the five years since the founding of the company, smartphones have become commonplace, and the line between web- and mobile-based solutions has blurred. That is why Gambit now produces solutions suitable for both web and mobile. The common denominator for the solutions is to help customers to work more efficiently. Getting rid of unnecessary paperwork is a common function.

“There is no point in making an app unless it saves time and money. We are consultants who look into our customers’ processes in order to find out how we can make them more efficient,” Wallin points out. 

An example of a solution that Gambit has created is an ordering system for the animal feedstuff industry. The system connects orders, administration, logistics, production and invoicing, thus helping to minimise wastage.

“Many of the solutions we create are integrated with other IT-systems, such as ERP or warehouse systems. This means not only do we create nice looking and user-friendly apps, but we make sure the integration is top notch. It is not just the design that is crucial, what is under the hood is just as important,” Business Director Ted Wallin, explains.

Another solution created by Gambit is a product configurator – an app that communicates with a back-end system to find the correct product information. The tool is above all helpful for field sales people. By entering information such as colour and size, the salesperson finds the right product. The app can also create quotes.

“The information only needs to be entered into the system once. Since everything is integrated, all parts are automatically updated,” Ted Wallin explains.

Many companies have come to realise that they can streamline their operations with the help of Gambit. That is why the company has grown quickly, and the idea is to grow even more in the future.

“We are constantly looking for suitable people to hire, but we demand high standards. Most of our employees are Masters of Science in Computer Engineering,” says Tim Wallin.


The brothers Tim and Ted Wallin lead the growing and award-winning IT company Gambit, which helps companies work more efficiently.


Business sector: Mobile apps and web solutions

Turnover: €850,000

Employees: 13

Major markets: Finland and Europe

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