“We support the growth and well-being of the region and the whole country,” says Tanja Risikko.

Academic research partner

Chydenius works on the interface of the scientific community and business

The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius links the scientific community and business into a close cooperation forum that benefits the entire region.

“We are a genuine and open meeting forum for the scientific community and our partners. Here, the expertise of three science universities is combined in an unique and complementary way,” says Dr Tanja Risikko, Director.

As a scientific community, Chydenius supports the growth and renewal of the area’s industrial sectors and businesses by developing, for example, companies’ strategic business skills and encouraging the creation of new companies.

Chydenius has developed partnerships and new ways of cooperating to meet the requirements of the present day. Research groups are able to react quickly to the needs of businesses, and the resulting continuous interaction creates new practices and new knowledge for the benefit of both sides.

“We have designed smart and sustainable solutions for industry and businesses. We undertake applied chemistry research that supports the area’s chemical industry and bioeconomy. We have also developed applications, based on the Internet of Things, intended, for example, to help the elderly manage better at home. We bring research knowledge to practical social and health care work through a multi-disciplinary approach.”

Chydenius wants to be a genuine and open meeting forum for the scientific community and its partners.

Chydenius wants to be a genuine and open meeting forum for the scientific community and its partners.

Chydenius, a university consortium formed by the Universities of Jyväskylä, Oulu and Vaasa, wants to be close to its customers. Academic study plans are tailored for adult students, to meet their needs.

“Most of our students are simultaneously working in some organisation or other, so we receive valuable information through them.”

Risikko emphasises that working as a multidisciplinary arena develops partners’ strategic thinking and business skills.

“The expertise of the different universities is combined in our teams. It is here that the best parts meet, namely Jyväskylä’s educational and social sciences as well information technology expertise, Oulu’s expertise in applied chemistry and Vaasa’s expertise in business administration. We also generate added value for these universities through close cooperation with each other and with the society around us.”

Chydenius has a longstanding tradition of pedagogical development work. With 30 years’ experience, the Consortium is a pioneer of academic adult education in Finland.


Business sector: Higher education, research, development, innovation
Turnover: €8 million
Employees: 110
Students: 3,500, of which 300 are degree students

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