Ever since the start 40 years ago, precision has been a watchword for Beamex.

40 years of precision

For Beamex, accuracy is the key to everything

Beamex was founded in 1975 by four paper mill workers, who had noticed a lack of high quality measuring instruments on the market. 40 years on, Beamex has grown to be world-leading in the calibration field, with customers in nearly 100 countries.

”The Beamex spirit is still the same. The company has always been innovative and ambitious. We launch a new product every year and invest a lot in being a trusted advisor for our customers,” says Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO.

Even if Beamex today is a very global company, all production and product development still take place in Jakobstad, Finland.

Calibrators are the devices used to ensure that measuring instruments consistently provide exact results. Precision is a watchword for Beamex, not only when it comes to the products, but also regarding the work-processes.
”We continuously analyse, document and measure our operation. Each activity is carried out with great precision,” explains Svensson.

Jan-Henrik Svensson was appointed new CEO of Beamex in 2015. At that time he had already worked for the company for nine years.

Jan-Henrik Svensson was appointed new CEO of Beamex in 2015. At that time he had already worked for the company for nine years.

The recruitment of staff is for example a meticulous process; all applicants are interviewed by the CEO. The results of this course of action speak for themselves as Beamex has an extremely low staff turnover. The average length of an employment is 12 years, despite the fact that Beamex has hired much more staff in recent years. Thanks to this, the 150 employees have altogether 1,800 years of experience of calibration.

Beamex sells its solutions to all kinds of customers who deal with complicated processes in fields such as oil & gas, pharma and pulp and paper. The calibration industry grew significantly throughout the 1990s as the quality systems were gaining ground. Today Beamex is growing by gaining market shares.

In addition to the actual calibration devices, Beamex, as the only supplier in the world, also supplies the accompanying software and service.
”Our advantage is that we only deal with calibration, whereas most of our competitors do other things as well. For us, our customers’ processes are more in focus than our own products. At its core, calibration is all about trust – a flaw in our equipment can have severe consequences for the customer,” Svensson points out.


Business sector: Calibration equipment, software, systems and services

Turnover 2015: €28 million

Employees: 150

Export: 96%

Major markets: Worldwide

Parent company: Sarlin Group Oy Ab

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